Merryland Education Foundation Trust (“MEFT”) is a charity dedicated to the advancement of education through the provision of educational resources and the establishment of supplementary schooling.

The process began in September 2008 with a feasibility study which involved visiting educational institutions in Jamaica.

We made our first delivery and distribution of 1,300 books in October 2009. The heartfelt gratitude expressed by the recipients (one college, two high schools, one junior high, two primary schools, five kindergartens and one public library) was humbling.

Since then we have made further visits delivering thousands of books to five libraries, one college, four high schools, six secondary schools, seven primary schools, five kindergartens and a number of individual families.  To date we have provided over 70,000 books!

Having identified a need at home, in September 2010 we started the first MEFT Supplementary School  in conjunction with City Road Baptist Church based in Edgbaston,  Birmingham.

Our initial year began with supported learning for children in Years 10 and 11 in GCSE English and Maths.  Now in its fifth year, the Supplementary School is able to offer supported learning in GCSE or equivalent in English and Maths for children in Year 6 and upwards with the option of Science available to Years 9 to 11.

We are currently seeking English and Maths teachers for our Years 8 and 9.  Please contact us if you feel able to offer your support in these roles.

The Charity’s efforts are continuous and we appreciate your prayers too.

If you would like to find out more about MEFT, please contact:

Rev Glen Gordon, Founder and Executive Director

E: meftss@hotmail.co.uk



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